Tuesday, September 21, 2004

feel my robe

I don't like having a life too often. I just go through phases where it just kind of happens. I guess lately I've been forcing myself to go out even when I'm not too excited about it because I don't want to get into my old bad habits of avoiding the world. I at least need to be productive.

This past Friday I went to see M83 with Revaz. One of my co-workers, Ben, works as a bouncer there and got us in for free. The other bouncer outside, a tall pretty girl with blonde hair, was searching my bag when Ben noticed me. At the same time that she was asking me where she could get a journal like mine, Ben was asking me if we're already gotten tickets. I was confused but delighted with both of them. The band that played first, The Invisibles, was completely horrible. A girl outside said they were making her ears bleed (then the question is, why did we go in?). Thankfully, M83 was amazing. I think I prefer them live. I'm usually not into electronica, but they with a full band that night. Even though I was tired and my right contact lens wouldn't stay in my eye (thus ended up in my mouth for safekeeping, don't ask), I wanted to stay as long as I could stand it because they were just so wonderful. Sometimes people would get in my way and everything was blurry, but mostly my left eye could see what was going on. Good times.

Saturday I went to San Francisco with Pete. We ate at All You Knead on Haight, then went to attempt to find him a black velvet smoking jacket. I usually hate that area, but it was surprisingly enjoyable with Pete. And I bought a new bag (which made other friends roll their eyes, I seem to have some sort of bag fetish) at YakPak. We looked at all the thrift stores, but never found Pete his jacket. However, I did have a chance to say "NO" to many of the ones he picked up and tried on, which is always fun for me. We sat in the park to have a cigarette and a rest, then walked down to the conservatory. Pete knows more San Francisco history than I imagine can truly fit in his brain. I like to think that he is actually an android, which really makes a lot of sense if you know him... In any case, he told me all about the conservatory and how the building was almost completely destroyed by the El Nino storms in the late 90s (I was living in Santa Barbara at the time, he had just moved to the Bay Area). It took them several years to rebuild it, but now it's open and only $5 admission. The water plant room looks really interesting, but it was closed when we got there (we peeked in the windows).

Later that night was Kelly's bridal shower. I was an hour late due to traffic and having to feed my mum's dogs in Vallejo (always quite torturous). Her mom answered the door and said, "Oh, you're just in time for the games!" I had forgotten about the god damned games. I hate the god damned games. I have promised myself and all my friends that if I ever get married, there will be no bridal shower games unless it's Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit...or Taboo. Lots of food, lots of booze, but no fucking games. Fortunately, Kelly's sister, Laura, is not a sappy maid of honor. There were only two games and one of them was only for Kelly. I discovered that night that I either know nothing about Kelly...or I've chosen to forget it all. That's right, Kel, I'm blocking you from my memory. Our love is over. But I'm still glad you liked the lingerie I bought you because I'm really not good at that kind of girly-thing.

On a fabulous side-note: One of Kelly's friends from out of state, Chris, works for Victoria's Secret and sent Kelly a huge white feather boa that was worn by whichever-the-fuck model in a commercial for the company. Have you seen that commercial? Yes, that boa. It was huge. Kelly was thinking she could take a catalog of theirs and paste her fact onto all of their bodies for Dustin.

Sunday was my first music-type-thing with Duncan. We were both exhausted, but happy to get started on our little project. We got one song (titled...you guessed it, Song One!)started and played it until Duncan's fingers were cramping and I had started rolling my eyes too far into the back of my head because the words I was coming up with were god-awful. But it was good and we were happy with the results. It's going to take a lot of work, since we are both so out of practice. I don't recall having ever been a very good songwriter anyway, but Duncan knows that and doesn't seem to mind. It's just good to be doing it again, even if it doesn't go anywhere. You just have to do it and not just talk about it anymore.


Blogger Pete M. said...

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12:10 AM  
Blogger Pete M. said...

I did have a chance to say "NO."

Why does every girl I know take such exquisite pleasure in saying that?

12:12 AM  
Blogger Tomato said...

I want to know what the first post said before you removed it!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Pete M. said...

The first post said the same thing as the second. The stupid Blogger formatting was just all weird looking so I tried again. I didn't realize it would show up as having been deleted. Oh, and it also told my deepest, darkest secret.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Tomato said...


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