Tuesday, September 07, 2004

not so different from inspired bad poetry

I have been writing songs lately. Bad songs that rhyme. I wrote one about the blues last night...something about how the blues don't come after you, you have to meet on common ground. Except it rhymed.

I also started writing a song about my mom never letting me drive her car, but it turned into a song about my ex-girlfriend. I have no idea how to explain that one.

In any case, the songs are coming out in this shiftless form right now because I realized recently how much I miss singing. I called my friend Duncan last night and left him a voicemail about it. I need to make a project of this, actually try to go somewhere with it. I remember how much I loved it before, but it was just so damn long ago. Oh sweet lord, it was a decade ago. I almost stop to worry that it has been too long and there is no going back now. But I do not honestly believe that and will not allow myself to start thinking that way.


Have I mentioned how much I love honey turkey? No? Well, lemme tell ya, I really do. I mean, it pales in comparison to Genoa salami, but then, what doesn't? I know what I'm having for lunch today. I'm going to the Genoa Delicatessen in Walnut Creek and getting a sandwich. And I'm going to love it for the rest of my life. Or at least, the amount of time it takes to eat it. Which hopefully won't be that long because that's kind of disgusting. I'm sorry.

I have been trying to open my mind to some new music lately. It has turned into me getting excited about bands that everyone else has been listening to for at least a few months now. Yeah, I've been out of the loop. That's what being in a rut is all about, didn't you know? So what I've discovered is:

The Darkness is damned entertaining, but best on special occasions.
Elliott Smith's music is totally depressing and I could listen to nothing but it for the rest of my life and be perfectly content...but I won't.
I am even more in love with Ryan Adams now that I own Love is Hell, Part 1.
The new Modest Mouse (Good News for People Who Love Bad News) really is the coolest thing on earth, you goddamn scenester.
Even though my dad believes that their guitar playing is a sign of the end of civilization, I not only enjoy the music of Interpol, but the singer's speaking voice makes me giggle.
My decade-long affair with PJ Harvey is still spicy, thank you very much.
Frou Frou is fancified.
Stereolab doesn't do it for me anymore.
Damien Rice...hm...yes...I think so.
Death Cab for Cutie actually makes me want to write songs. I'm not sure I like that they have this effect on me, because I think the truth is that the subjects of their songs make me angry...but I do love the music.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may be anonymous, but let's just call me Revaz.
I think Death Cab is fucking marvelous, but I think they were about to turn me into a permanent melancholic tomato so I had to diverge. Damn Jess, I though you just listened to Bruce Springscene...I'm so glad you you proved me wrong. Here's a little bit of what I've been listening to.
Boards of Canada - Somewhere in the Beautiful Country etc
Lali Puna - Faking the Books
The Decemberists - Her Majesty
The Stills - Logic will break your heart
John Vanderslice - Cellar Door

I love you. bye

9:01 PM  
Blogger Tomato said...

Okay, "Revaz," I've got another one for you. Go listen to Cat Power's "Are You Free" album. I wasn't that into Boards of Canada, but you know I'm all about voices. I've heard everyone else and will take more note of them now that I know they have your approval. Next time you come visit, don't get lost, okay?

11:22 AM  
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