Monday, September 13, 2004

panties are for girls...manties are for men

So...I had another nightmare last night. I have been trying to stop these nightmares for about a year now because they tend to traumatize me a bit more than I think nightmares should traumatize anyone.

I have scary-looking stuffed animals that I sleep with (mostly when my cat Ricochet isn't around...when he is, he likes to take them from me in the middle of the night and disembowel, really), a really gruesome painting that my friend Gabriel gave me (on the back he wrote: dear jessexica, hope you don't have nightmares) and I have tried to be more lucid, to have more control over the circumstances in my dreams.

I do not have them as frequently as I used to, but the ones I do have are really screwed up. However, this one was just plain weird. I won't go into the full story, I'll just say that it involved a paperback book of evil that was moldy and let off noxious fumes and a tall Asian man in a tracksuit who kept grabbing my left foot and making me angry and scared.

I had to spend ten minutes thinking of what my friend Pete ( would look like in those red manties with black ribbon and white lace trim just so I could go to sleep again.


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