Wednesday, September 22, 2004

the taste of childhood all grow'd up

Have you ever heard of a food-type-thing called chreese? That's right, you heard me, chReese. Or maybe it should be Chreese. Or ChReese.

Nacho chreese dip. Does that sound appetizing to you? It kinda makes me want to giggle and vomit simultaneously. Which really, in the end, could be quite messy and inconvenient.

Let's see what it's made of: water, organic tomatoes, organic green lentil flour, nutritional yeast, organic jalapeno peppers, unrefined sea salt, organic garlic powder, xanthan powder, citric acid, organic ground mustard seed, organic ground cumin, guar gum, capsicum and annato." Er...I really don't know how to feel about any of that... My friend Steve used to make a luscious pseudo-cheese sauce with nutritional yeast... He was one of those zany vegan types. Now he works at Berkeley Whole Foods and has, or had the last time I saw him, a white boy 'fro.

So here is the next question...what horrible yet totally enjoyable movie should I next rent from Netflix? I believe I require a comedy. I haven't been getting very much sleep and have spent every available moment working on the one song my friend Duncan and I have put together for our little project. Lord knows what will become of me when we have ((gasp)) more than one song... I will most likely fall to pieces and even the idea of Pete in a flesh-colored unitard will not be enough to restore me.

I think that last sentence might have made me a bit ill, actually. Let me think of something else...

Even the mental image of Pete pouring hot nacho chreese dip over his naked-but-for-manties, that's still too upsetting...any suggestions?


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