Tuesday, October 12, 2004

hippopotamuses and pins

I am incredibly short on time this week, but I feel horribly guilty that I haven't posted here, so here it goes:

I have been hanging out with Pete (of Dark Window fame) a bit and I've come to very much enjoy pestering him with random phone calls and emails in which I accuse him of (a) being too busy engaging in sexual intercourse with anonymous persons to answer/respond, and/or (b) calling him a dirty bitch. Which he is, really. He has also acquired (and it's really his own fault here) the nickname "Kitten," which I really think suits him.

Duncan and I collaborated again last night and came out with two new songs. That makes the grand total of songs FIVE. The same number as there are letters in the name we are considering calling our little project. But that is, as of yet, a secret. Duncan played a song for me last night that he had written for his other band (Bloodsicle) and they had rejected. He played it thinking I'd never go for it, because it really is their sound and not really in the vein we've been playing. I loved it. We worked with it and wrote words together and now we love it. It made us giddy with excitement. It is such a change to be conspiring with a musician who is really open, we both feel this way. Our expectations haven't been high, but if they had been, neither of us would have been disappointed so far. It will still be a while before we feel comfortable with anyone hearing our compositions, we certainly need to get a four-track first, so we can record and fiddle with the songs we have, but we're feeling more sure of sticking with the project now. And it is nice to be resolved to that.


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