Wednesday, October 20, 2004

sickly little update

It has been a good week, though busy at work, and now I've come down with something. My head throbs whenever I stand up, then pulsates unpleasantly as I move around. My throat is really constricted, so I have to keep sipping tea, water, juice, whatever I have around. I think I'm actually running out of tea. I want to make a huge bowlful of hot chocolate and sit by my window, watching the Grand Lake Theatre sign sparkle up and down. Unfortunately, I don't have any cups that big and sitting up is a bit painful right now.

Duncan and I had practice last night and have named our little project "Odile," after a character in a book (pronounced "odeel," unless you're my mom, but I'm not going to get into that version of it). We now have eight songs, but we've been slacking on completing any of them. Not yet being able to afford a 4-track has a bit to do with that. It's hard to completely work something out when you only have a couple of hours a week to do it and no way of getting a good recording. I did pick up a small tape recorder for him, since I have a dictophone to record my snippets of song. We were pretty unproductive last night, compared to usual, what with my getting sick and his having a broken heart (that story belongs to him, so I won't go into it here). Still, we did manage to come up with another song. It's just really easy for us together. We won't always agree, but I think we understand each other on some strange level. It is so wonderful working with him, even when we're both out of it.

The best news I have right now, however, is that I found a plasticky old record player for free in the laundry room downstairs. We have a big table in there that people can leave stuff on if they don't want it (and the sign says not to leave anything broken). Part of the latch on the cover is missing, but the equipment that I need is all there. I haven't had a record player in almost a decade. Jen was over for dinner when I found it and we went through all my old records, seeing what was warped, what music I hadn't been able to hear in a long time and what sounded best on the player. The records I hadn't heard in a long time were by Honey Tongue, Tattle Tale, Jale and Pulp (the Common People collection, all colored marble vinyl). The records we decided sounded best on this particular orange and white plastic record players were by Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby, Elvis and the soundtrack to My Fair Lady (the last three were also free from the laundry room). The Elvis and Bing albums are Christmas music, so I expected to hate them, but then I'm not tortured with Christmas music anymore (since I don't work on the retail salesfloor any longer), so it was kind of nice.

I love free shit and the holidays and hanging out listening to Bing Crosby with Jen.


Blogger Pete M. said...

Hey, you can't name your band Odile! That's the name of my band!

10:48 PM  
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