Tuesday, October 05, 2004

we love mr. baker

My friend Sarah's dad (oh, also Chris' dad, of course) is so awesome. We love him. Sarah just showed me this poem which he published on poetry.com. It's about her mum. Please take into consideration, while reading this, that Sarah is the only person I know who can get me to do anything she wants, no matter how ridiculous, and also get me to forgive her for anything she does just by saying, "But I'm Sarah Baker!" with an extroardinarily innocent look on her face. Damn her. Also note that Chris Baker once gave himself "The Comb Over" because he wanted to try out various hairstyles...and he has a full head of hair. We love the Bakers.

I Love Her So

She sits across the room
and does not see that I am watching.
I love her so.
She is still that young bride
I brought home so many years ago.
My heart is filled with pride,
yet I have not words to tell her
or even ways to show her
how she completes me.
She makes me better than I am.
She multiplies my dreams.
I love her so.
The years have bought a pleasant look
to that face I love to touch and see.
She looks up into my eyes.
She knows.
She is everything to me.
I love her so.

Larry Curtis Baker

Copyright ©2004 Larry Curtis Baker
*[a.] Lompoc, CA [title] "I Love Her So" [pers.] This poem honors my wife, the mother of my children. I am not always able to express in words the profound love and appreciation I have for her. Perhaps this poem will remind her once more that I love her so! I love you, Mary Baker. Happy Anniversary!


Blogger Pete M. said...

Sarah is the only person I know who can get me to do anything

Could you please give me Sarah's number?

1:32 PM  

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