Monday, November 08, 2004

mom says alcohol makes family time better

For me, it was a family weekend.

My brother and his wife (Jason and April) came up from Monterey, where they are studying Arabic in the Army. I drove to my mom's house in Vallejo on Friday night (Vallejo sucks and we all know it) for dinner. My mom kept insisting that she wanted to make some fancy Spanish food-stuffs (which, by the way, didn't happen all weekend). But right before she finally started cooking dinner, two of my stepdad's friends came by (my stepfather neglected to mention he had invited them to check out the newly renovated house). At this point, we (the kids) decided to go out to dinner by ourselves because we were starving and it was obvious dinner wasn't going to happen. We went to Black Angus (crap steakhouse) and had a loverly time, involving large quantities of fruity beverages and red meat (my brother was the designated driver of the three of us...and he had seafood, damned healthy bastard).

On Saturday, Jason, April, my mom and my stepdad all came over to my apartment in Oakland. They came bearing the gifts of dirty curtains, a miscellaneous pot and two very ugly throw pillows that I had already told my mother (on numerous occasions) that I hated. After much grumbling from my stepdad and watching my brother devour many a Halloween leftover (all chocolate), we (the women) decided to get Chinese Concord (sucks almost as much as Vallejo, but it's on the way to the theater my stepdad insisted on). Mandarin fried chicken...mmmmmm. Who knew Park N Shop could contain so many good restaurants (The Meditteranean and Las Montanas are both very good, as well).

We went to a theater in Martinez (somewhere between Vallejo and Concord in both suckiness and distance) to see Alfie. Don't laugh. I wanted to see The Incredibles, so did my brother. Alas, in order to hang out with one's snarky stepdad (whom I have taken to calling "Pappy" just to irritate him), one sometimes has to "suck it up." Alfie was okay, but I think I'd prefer the Michael Caine version. Jude Law made me feel somewhat sorry for him and that just made me resent myself as a woman. However, the theater in Martinez was almost empty and there was about four feet of space for legroom in every aisle of seats. I think I fell in love. My new sister and I had our feet up on the seats because we're disrespectful brats and spent the twenty minutes before the film hanging out with my mom and making fun of the men (who had wandered off to lord knows where). We finished the evening in Vallejo, drinking lemon drops and watching Elizabeth. My sister-in-law hadn't seen it yet...and was unfortunate enough to watch it with my mom (who was a History major in college), my brother (who reads too much) and me (who had just finished reading Edward Rutherford's London. We're fairly well-behaved as long as you don't ask us questions about the real history or try to discuss it...I think she enjoyed just the same, however.

Sunday was my rest and relaxation day. I watched The Reckoning, Unconditional Love (it hurt me) and Bridget Jones' Diary. At some point I believe I bathed...went to the store for gas for my car...probably ate something...then visited my friend Duncan and watched an Aimee Mann Live video while drinking cheap beer.

All in all, a very nice weekend.


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