Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the state of apathy

Let me just start by saying...if you don't get out and vote today, I will have to take it upon myself to come to your house and beat the living crap out of you. And considering that the only people who read this blog are friends and family, you should all know that I mean it.

PS I love you, fuckers.

In other news:

Last week I went to Ben & Nick's on College to have a few beers (okay, ciders) with Pete and his Blogger Posse. I have decided that Pete really needs a posse, by the way, because I feel there's a fair chance it will boost his self-esteem. Of course, he still needs a pimp and I'm not up for the job...perhaps one of his posse can take that on?

It was a very nice evening with the boys and I drank too much, as usual. Aside from meeting The Great Stuart on the street, while staring at the lunar eclipse, and being told repeatedly "You can change the world" (Revaz and Pete were there, but they weren't paying attention like I was and he didn't want to marry them), it was a great change of pace for me. To be able to talk about the political realm with people and actually have them respond, my lord, this is what I had been waiting for! Many of the people I know, especially people I work with, are politically apathetic. In fact, if it weren't for friends like Pete, Revaz and Sean, I don't know that I'd be politically aware at all anymore. Being around them made me realize how much was going on that I did not know about and how much I did not want that to continue.

When I lived with my dad and my brother (in high school) we used to argue politics over dinner every single night. My dad was fond of playing Devil's Advocate and pushing us to really understand how to build a strong defense. When I was not completely sure of something, he would tear it apart, even though he knew he was completely wrong. At this point in my life, I miss those nights of falafel, chinese food and enraged political debate. It makes me sad that a lot of my friends have no interest in politics, to the point of not wanting to hear anything new a lot of the time. If it is too sad, too infuriating, too horrible, they don't want to know. I can understand not wanting to get stressed out, but the extent of that ignorance is dangerous.

So this is a bit of a thank-you to the people I met at Ben & Nick's that night. To Revaz for coming with me. To Pete for inviting me. And to all the rest for being so great, so fun and so aware. I loved being around a bunch of guys who really know their stuff and aren't afraid to state their opinions. I was also grateful to not even once be made to feel like an idiot for what I did not know.

I look forward to the next round.

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