Monday, November 15, 2004

yosemite falls

There is far too much going through my head right now. A mixture of recent memories, secrets I keep and the attempt at some sort of foresight for a friend.

Jen and I drove up to Yosemite on Saturday morning in a rental car. Economy. We were fairly entertained for the length of the trip, which included listening to Mariachi bands and singing showtunes. This is not usual behavior, but we were a bit delirious from lack of sleep, while excited about the wedding we were heading to. We got lost on a random mountain road, an unpaved road, thanks to Yahoo Maps. Jen managed to get us back to civilization and a liquor store for better directions. Our trip was lengthened slightly by the bizarre directions we originally had, but we still made it to our room at Yosemite Lodge in plenty of time to get ready. Danny and Andreas were happy to see us, as well. Danny hadn't been able to get into the room, as it had been put in Jen's name. We settled into our room and had a brief rest, since we had a bit of time to get ready before we actually needed to be at the chapel.

Preparing for formal gatherings turns me into a girl more than anything else. But it also makes me wish I weren't one at all. I feel the need to wear idiotic things like bustiers and false eyelashes, but I know I'll change into something more comfortable and take off the lashes before I down my first drink. It is the struggle between looking good but being uncomfortable and not looking quite as good but being much happier. I was in everyone's way as I got ready for the wedding and it took me much too long to do my makeup. Dan had to hustle, since he was in the wedding and needed to be at the chapel for pictures beforehand. Andreas helped him with his cufflinks, I helped him with some coverup for the pictures. Jen smoked cigarettes and chatted with Andreas while she wasn't saying yay or nay to my various indecisions over my outfit (while secretly rolling her eyes).

Jen, Andreas and I arrived at the chapel around 145pm. The wedding was scheduled for 2pm. We saw the boys out front with the photographer and, shortly after, found out that the wedding wasn't actually until 230pm. I won't go into the details, but the wedding didn't really start until around 3pm. The three of us sat in our pew with an old man we did not know and distracted ourselves as much as we could. Which became slightly easier for me when I realized there was actually a decent looking fella sitting just in front of us. Andreas had a lot of questions about the way we Americans do things when it comes to weddings and I got to hear about the differences in Germany. But really, thin wooden planks are not comfortable and I was starting to worry that the ceremony would take forever and I'd have to shoot myself.

Luckily, neither of those things happened. The ceremony was about medium length. Sarah looked gorgeous and couldn't stop smiling, much accentuated by her dimples. Matt looked just as excited and even adoringly at her. The wedding party was huge and seemed neverending, with 4 or 5 pairs of flowergirls and ringbearers. There were only three bridesmaids (including the maid/matron of honor), but there were several best men. And they were ALL considered best men, since Matt couldn't decide between them. Which was actually rather sweet.

The ceremony ended, it was time for a cigarette or five, we filtered out of the tiny chapel slowly into the cold air. Everyone was taking pictures and we sat on a stone bench in front of the chapel, looking up at the rise of rockface behind it. Eventually everyone filtered off to their various rooms to get ready for the reception. The reception is a hazy mess for me. I remember the beginning, the food, chatting with Andreas, but then it's all "Dan, this is my wine (raising the glass in my right hand) and this is my champagne (raising the glass in my left)!" I think I was double fist drinking the whole night. There are random bits of memory in there. My conversation with Brian about becoming a dad. Meeting Matt's mom and gushing to her about him with Jen and Margaret (then all of us realizing how stupid we sounded and laughing about it later). Andreas bringing a cart with wheels to me at one point, outside, so I could put down my drinks and have a cigarette. Harassing Matt's cousin to request a song for Margaret. Making the request myself and Margaret's excited reaction. Then the after party in our room and wanting desperately to sleep. Margaret and Paul leaving in the middle of the night and only getting a quarter of the way to their cabin before they realized they had to turn back because it was just too damn cold. It was a good night. And a horribly sick next morning for all.


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